Why Us


SourcingWithout our farmers, we cannot move forward. Our successful model starts with forging strong relationships with local farmers – by recruiting them through local organizations and our own field officers. But sometimes, farmers find us through word-of-mouth in their communities and proceed to participate in our training and certification program. Once they complete the program, they have the option to sell organic & natural crops to Organic Belseri at a premium, or in the local markets at conventional prices. We source most of our top-quality ingredients directly from small producers who are committed to organic & natural farming and fair trade conditions.

Organic Belseri does not provide direct financial assistance to the farmers. However, what we do provide are quality inputs – including organic seeds, bio-fertilizers and bio-pesticides – to encourage organic & natural farming practices, increase farm yields, and maintain high standards of the final product. We strive to make our farmers empowered, not dependent

Processing & Packaging

Processing and PackagingUpon harvest, crops that require processing are sent to Organic Belseri processing plants. These internationally organic-certified facilities process and package the produce according to our strict specifications. The processed goods are then transported to Organic Belseri warehouses, located in the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra.

Over the years, Organic Belseri has worked hard to bring the latest processing technologies to the organic & natural food arena. We’ve overhauled and developed various in-house processes, and have partnered with leading global companies for seamless production.

Quality Control & Traceability

Quality Control and TraceabilityWhen it comes to quality, safety, and innovation, we make no compromises. We make sure that not only do our products match global quality standards, but exceed them.

We frequently test product batches carefully to ensure that they’re meeting rigorous global organic & natural standards. All products sourced from new producers are tested carefully, while we continuously randomly test products from our existing suppliers. We also maintain a detailed database and tracking system of our products at every harvest season. We carefully track where we sourced each order, so when a customer has a question about the source of a Suminter product, the origin of each product can be easily traced.


DistributionOrganic Belseri strength lies in its reach, and in its ability to sell products to retailers and manufacturers worldwide. This step is what ultimately bridges the gap between Indian farmers and global consumers. Our sales representatives work tirelessly to ensure that each order is dispatched promptly and accurately; exporting goods swiftly from our warehouses in India and Germany to our customers around the world. Being small enough to satisfy individual requests yet big enough to guarantee product safety, Organic Belseri has one goal – to deliver good quality product each time.