About Organic Belseri

Manibhai Group has been in tea business for last seven decades.

Lacon, Germany certifies these teas as Organic for EU, USA and INDIA.

However,as part of transparency, samples of production are regularly checked in Government of India approved laboratory and in Germany for pesticide residue and are available to buyers when required.

The Estate is also certified under Rainforest Alliance, UTZ and Fairtrade which ensures good forestry practices and social welfare of workers.

The production of large volume ensures to the buyer the availability of organic teas throughout the season as per their needs.

Backed by the innovative organic farming technology, these teas are truly energized drinks because the technology uses only energized herbal solutions to energize the plant system so that it can take its food from atmosphere and soil and protect itself from the insect attack. In other words, it gives back to the plant its natural system of Self-Protection and Self-Nourishment.

Hence at Belseri, no copper fungicide is used for fungal disease and no micro nutrients allowed in conventional farming are used. Soil is rejuvenated by the application of 2000 tons of compost made in the tea estate from green matter and cow manure. This energized compost is an ideal inoculation for the soil to convert the inert soil to an enriched soil. This compost has microbial population of 1000 trillion per gram.

Thus these teas are pure, natural and high in polyphenols, flavonoids and rich in anti oxidants.

The Estate implements complete development of the infrastructural as required by food safety management system and is a Certified ISO 22000 Company.


Our mission is to serve the world’s most fantastic organic teas and deliver them to you as sustainable as possible, with organic practices.