Organic Farming

Belseri Tea Estate is situated in Upper Assam; India is having its oldest plantation of about 120 years old. It is managed by Variety Food Products which is involved in all aspects of tea from export to trading to brand marketing. The garden is spread over about which has been preserved carefully and sincerely and the balance area are used for the inhabitant purpose and paddy cultivation by the workers etc. The garden produces 1million kg teas annually. The Group never had the fancy of using too much pesticides and chemicals; rather it was always looking for an alternative, sustainable method. Hence the usage of chemicals in terms of pesticides, weedicides, fertilizers and various growth promoters has been one of the lowest in Belseri Tea Estate compared to other gardens in the area. Prophylactic spraying of pesticides were never considered useful and later on understood that it was unscientific.

Why to move towards Organic Farming Method?

In chemical farming practices, where tea is grown for 50-60 years, any sudden and abrupt stoppage of pesticides or fertilizers use could be disastrous in term of crop loss and no one can afford to do that in commercial farming practice and especially in today’s market scenario. Moreover, replacement of Chemical Fertilizers or Micro-nutrients by Organic imports (as being advised in conventional Organic methods) inches up the cost of production heavily. At the same time Belseri Tea Estate was always looking for an alternative method which can take care of these hindrances both in scientific and practical way. During this time only, the decision was taken by the Group for the use of its novel farming method called Organic Farming which ensures the complete reduction of chemicals and fertilizers with the assurance of no crop loss or increase in cost, and the idea immediately appealed to them and it was decided to introduce this method in Belseri Tea Estate. But it was the end of first year after the series of discussions about the scientific reasoning behind the principle and seeing its practical implication in the garden the Group was convinced that Organic Farming is extremely scientific while modern or chemical farming which was adopted and had been practiced for decades was not in tune with the philosophy and physiology of the plant system.

How Organic Farming is different than other methods of farming as well as chemical farming?

Organic Farming exactly advises what is organic in every aspect to plant physiology and plant philosophy. It looks at nature as Holistic where it is not broken into parts as modern farming does. It says that nature is a living, organic whole that can not be divided and sub-divided because research becomes fragmented and specialized but the unity of nature is lost. Organic Farming reaches to the true causes of every problem attending the fundamental cause, underlines cause and contributory factors and not just merely attains the manifestations as are being done in modern farming. Organic Farming propagates two simple, natural and scientific philosophies
Organic Farming scientifically shows that plants depend quantitatively on atmosphere and qualitatively on soil. Hence feeding the soil as is being done in modern farming method is not scientific at all apart from its damaging potential to the whole eco system. Organic Farming suggests two principles which nature has given to plant kingdom i.e. Sense of Self-Nourishment and Sense of Self- Protection. Hence giving agents from outside for the protection and nourishment is just showing disrespect to the plant system and undervaluing the potential of the plant kingdom and at the same time it is also a fact that modern farming has deactivated these two heritages. Organic Farming aims to return back these two lost heritages to the plant. Organic Farming is not just the mere non-chemicalisation. At every point, Organic Farming tries to reach to the root cause of the problem and provides the area specific, crop specific and problem specific solutions and thus is effective anywhere and everywhere, in any crop and every crop in the world. It is the only farming method in the world which suggests abandoning the chemical farming not because of its severe toxic effect only but this is unscientific also. It gives the stimulation to the agricultural world that it is sustainable from the beginning, and it is possible to revert back to the original state from the present deactivated state without any loss Hence Organic Farming is very different to other farming methods, which follow the principle of modern farming practices of nourishing and protecting the plant by using agents from outside only with replacement of chemicals.

How the technology of Organic Farming works?

Organic Farming is a natural technology and it is based on the E.E.A. (Element Energy Activation) Principle. According to a brief description of E.E.A. Principle – all living beings are composed of five basic elements. They are in different proportion in different living being to make them different than each other. Each element has a specific function in the system and these works both independently and interdependently. These five basic elements are responsible for the nourishment, metabolism and growth. Similarly there are five different life forces or energies in all living bodies as well as in the plant system. These life forces are originated from the Basic Life Force i.e. Solar Energy. The self defense mechanism is controlled by the Life Forces and they are also the vehicles of the basic elements and the transportation of nutrients is not possible without them. The function of Self-nourishment and Self-protection go on uninterrupted and harmonious manner till we humans do interfere with these qualities. Injudicious, unscientific and indiscriminate usage of chemicals over the years has deactivated the basic elements or life forces and thereby plants have lost these qualities. E.E.A. Principle suggests that to overcome the imbalance, specific life forces or energies are to be stimulated instead of encountering from outside leading to further unfavorable repercussion.
Technology specific plants which store the energy of five basic elements as well as five life forces are selected in accordance to the various factors. Their extracts are utilized by employing the principle of Energy Management. Optimum extraction of nutrients, in a balanced manner from their sources and their utilization at specific sites by the plants is the result. Thus the cause - the effect of malnutrition and imbalance in nutrients and eroded self-defense mechanism - are rooted out, the plants become strong and resist pest, bacterial or viral invasions. It is obvious that a very clear understanding about the principle is required to judge what energy is to be given, which function to be activated or regulated and what the root cause of the manifestation is. It is imperative that medicines under this principle contain potentised energized extracts of different plants are the purest organic product in the world and provide utmost safety profile. But what is revolutionary and unique to this system is that it only assists the function (Karina) and does not cure any disease directly.
The remarkable feature of this principle is that it plays a very Effective Regulatory role on this system rather than playing an inhibitory role on the disease only. Though Organic Farming suggests the theory that ‘Plants Feed Themselves’ and ‘Plants depend qualitatively on soil’, it is to be remembered that the theory does not work from the very beginning of its introduction in the deactivated or eroded soil which have been under chemical farming for decades. Hence Organic Farming suggests an ideal exogenous soil inoculation in small quantity is required to be applied till the soil is back in its original activated stage. Thus Belseri has developed natural method of composting under E.E.A. Principle which completes the conversion process in the 21 days time, the quickest conversion time in the world. Here, the compost is also not made and added for the nutritional supplement but it provides the desired environment in the soil for the effective revival.

How does the system help ecology?

As explained earlier, Organic Farming works on the principle of Energy Management and it is in absolute parity with Nature’s law, plants physiology as well as philosophy. This principle suggests seeing nature as WHOLISTIC where everything exists in cooperation and not in competition. The different solutions, which are sprayed on the plants, are simply the potencies’ energy compounds of selected plants which only provide the necessary energy to normalize the disease state. Hence right from the minutest micro flora to bio flora to friends of earth (earthworms and termites) to big creatures like amphibians, reptiles and obviously the birds and all kinds of fauna slowly get an environment as it was before the distortion. By removing the use of chemicals, the tea made at Belseri Tea Estate not only became more natural, it also provides the subtle energized compound and hence very different health drink. Since the technology assures an energized environment other than chemical free condition, the stimulation in the biodiversity is much quicker and more intense. Organic Farming removes the toxicity from the ecosystem, which has accumulated over the decades, in a much faster way compared to only non chemicalised process. As a result, the water streams running through the garden have become less contaminated with poisonous chemicals, though the source of water is beyond their control and there is also regeneration in the flora and fauna in a short period. Belseri Tea Estate has already become a center of observation of the ecologists of India and abroad. The level and the variety of the various agents of nature are being observed regularly and the study undoubtedly confirms Belseri Tea Estate is having the best Bio-diversity Status in the region. Phosphate Solubilizing microorganisms were significantly higher in the soil of Belseri when compared to those of the conventional gardens. Microbial respiration was also higher in Belseri, Furthermore, plank tonic; periphytonic and benthic macro invertebrate diversities as well as the Rapid Bio-assessment Protocol (RBP III) values were also higher in Belseri. It was also found to harbor a more diverse and abundant bird fauna when compared to that in the conventional tea estates. Organic Farming is a movement, which clarifies and interprets the philosophy of nature, the real requirement of plant and soil takes to the root cause of all manifestation.